Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Social Butterfly Has Wings

For the past 11 years, Lillian Russo has been on oxygen. She did the best she could with her lifestyle on O2. She found creative ways to transport the tanks with a cute canvas bag that served a dual purpose as a tank carrier and pocketbook. But this New Yorker is always on the go, between the refilling, hauling that heavy bag, and ordering 20 tanks per week the process and dedication began to take its toll on this Italian mother of four... so she decided to go portable. After all, how else is she going to keep up with her busy lifestyle of girls night at the casino in Atlantic City and Yonkers? You’ll find Lillian winning big; playing the slots, a hand of cards, or just relaxing with her girls. She never even thinks about changing tanks... that's so last season! This season is about moving forward, doing the things that Lil loves to do. This Italian family is centered around the kitchen, cooking magical dishes such as corned beef and Italian specialties that at sometimes feed up to 25 guest at a time, she's quite the chef!

Its easy for Lilian to move around the house with her Open-Aire, the size and weight make for an easier transport than her tanks did. Visiting her family is an almost daily occurrence and it's the highlight of her outings. She's extremely active at the senior center, where she attends meetings, plans trips, plays bingo and participates in arts and crafts. She’s known around the center for her exquisite crocheting techniques where she makes lap blankets for her friends in wheelchairs, and has also produced some beautiful baby blankets. She's diligently attempting to teach her grandchildren how to crochet, hopefully they will take after their grandma! This summer will be filled with food, crocheting and watching shows at the Westchester Broadway Theatre. Enter Lillian Russo, stage left.

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