Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Working With His Doctor

Bill Workman can tell you all about life with limitations. For several years, Bill used liquid oxygen and always had to plan his life in increments of 8 hours, since that's how long a bottle would last him. It's tough to live like that, and it doesn't always work out. Last year at a family Christmas party, Bill didn't time it right and after 8 hours ran out of oxygen and almost wound up in the emergency room. So after learning about Open-Aire, Bill called to see if a portable oxygen concentrator would be right for him.

Once Bill had his initial call with Open-Aire he wanted to have his doctor involved. Qualifying for portable oxygen is not a difficult process, but the right doctor can make it a breeze. Midway through his tests with his doctor, who he says is the best in West Viriginia, Bill's heart rate started to elevate and they had to stop. However, his doctor had seen enough and she was confident that a portable oxygen concentrator would not only meet his oxygen needs, but it would help keep him mobile and allow him to become more active.

While Bill rested his doctor was on the move. "Before I even left the exam room she faxed off my test results to my Open-Aire case manager" said Bill. As soon as he got home, he was back on the phone with Open-Aire to complete his order, and less than 2 weeks later had his new portable oxygen concentrator. Now Bill is never without oxygen, and thanks to his doctor he didn't have to wait an extra minute to get his equipment.