Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Tiny Little Concentrator

Rebecca H. of Elon, NC loves her OxyGo Fit portable oxygen concentrator provided by Open-Aire. She lives in an assisted living community, and her portable concentrator or "pocketbook" as she calls it, has made a world of difference for her. With it, she's able to go out and do things around town. There’s a local college nearby, where she takes classes on biblical dance and literature.  It's quiet enough that she is able to run it the entire time without interrupting the teacher’s lectures. Her family also drops by for visits and they'll take her out to lunch or to do some shopping.

Her portable concentrator has also gotten a lot of notice around the community.  Rebecca says, "We go to the dining room for our meals, and there are two other ladies [that] are on oxygen besides me. They have huge tanks. They keep asking me over and over again about my tiny little concentrator."  She tells them that Open-Aire is the place to go!