Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting Around By Himself

Today’s story comes from Bob and Ann Sisk of Roscommon, Michigan. Previously, Bob used a cane and had struggled greatly with it. He was at risk of falling, so Ann always had to be at his side to help stabilize him. Taking more than just a few steps would leave him out of breath. It was getting difficult for the both of them, and when they learned about Open-Aire Mobility Division, they thought a power wheelchair could be just what he needed.

From their first time speaking with a Mobility Case Manager and throughout the entire process, Bob and Ann found Open-Aire Mobility Division to be fast and easy to work with. They particularly appreciated the day when Bob’s new power wheelchair was delivered. Ann says, “The installer went over and above to help us. He explained the features of the power chair and showed us how it worked. He walked alongside Bob as he rode it for the first time and answered all the questions he had about how to control it.”

Bob is ecstatic with his power wheelchair. For the first time in quite a while he’s able to be more independent and do things without Ann by his side. He’s already taken it into the hallways of their senior-living apartment by himself to visit his friends. They’re all asking where he got his new power wheelchair from, and he’s very happy to tell them Open-Aire Mobility Division