Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leroy's Life Got A Lot Less Crowded

As a long-time Florida resident, Leroy Rammers was accustomed to traveling. Between working with campgrounds in Inverness, FL and taking an annual trip to Disney World with his wife around Christmas time Leroy was no stranger to getting around. Once he was on oxygen however, things had to change. Now he had to schedule oxygen deliveries and learn how to store his supplies of oxygen. When getting a month’s supply he would be given as many as 40 bottles! It seemed like enough oxygen for a small army. More importantly travel became difficult. Any kind of extended travel would require 10 of his large bottles which took up so much room.

An EverGo portable oxygen concentrator from Open-Aire changed all of that though. Leroy doesn’t worry about having to store all that oxygen, and doesn’t worry about the electricity going out. His EverGo plugs in wherever he needs it. And he’s been getting a lot of attention with it too. "Everyone who sees it wants to know what it is and where it’s from," and he’s happy to let them know all about Open-Aire and their portable oxygen concentrators.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Straight To Nevada

Ms. Debra Baker of Chanute, KS had a hard time dealing with her traditional oxygen equipment. Originally she was being supplied with heavy oxygen tanks/bottles from the supplier at her local hospital. She would have to get 6-packs of the heaviest ones. Many times those tanks weren’t even full and sometimes they would even be empty! She wanted to see her grandchildren who live in Nevada but it seemed almost impossible. She couldn’t take those bottles on a plane. And a train ride is so long she wouldn’t be able to bring enough bottles. She was pretty much grounded at home. But the worst moment came earlier in the year when she was trying to lift one of the heavy oxygen tanks and got a hernia! That was the last straw. These heavy oxygen tanks had to go. That’s when she called Open-Aire.

In April Debra received an EverGo portable oxygen concentrator from Open-Aire and suddenly she could go anywhere. She shows it off to everyone, and is quick to tell people how happy she is with it. "It’s a blessing. It’s the greatest thing! Everyone should have one." She also received the compact EverFlo oxygen concentrator to replace her old stationary concentrator. "I was so happy to get rid of that noisy thing. It was so loud I was worried that my neighbor was going to complain about it." Now the quiet and energy effecient EverFlo supplies her with all the oxygen she needs at night. Debra is still dealing with the hernia, and hasn’t been able to make a trip out to see her grandkids. As soon as she’s healthy enough though, she’s grabbing her EverGo and heading straight for the first flight out to Nevada.