Thursday, July 31, 2014

Going Back to the Theme Park

Carolyn S. of Wylie, TX was put on oxygen earlier this spring after she went to the hospital for a bout of pneumonia. The provider her doctor set her up did not make things easy for her. She was given a basic set-up that included heavy tanks and a large concentrator. Walking with the tanks was very difficult and it made leaving the house a real chore. Within two months they had to switch out her concentrator three times because they kept breaking.

The last straw came when she tried to go to Six Flags Over Texas with her family. Her provider couldn't give her lightweight equipment, and the oxygen tanks she had were so heavy that she eventually had to leave them in the car. The results were not good. “I tried to walk around without the tanks for a little while, and I nearly passed out” says Carolyn. It was a difficult situation for her to be in, and she decided she needed a better solution. If she had to be on oxygen she wanted to do it on her terms.

So she approached her doctor about a lightweight portable concentrator from Open-Aire, and after working with an Open-Aire Case Manager he agreed it would be better for her. On her next visit to her doctor she was able to easily walk into the office and was breathing without any trouble. Everyone agreed she made the right decision by choosing Open-Aire. Now Carolyn has the confidence to go back out and live life the same way she used to. “I'm already planning on going back to Six Flags again, and this time I'll be able to use my portable concentrator and stay as long as I want.”