Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Feeling Valued

Before she was with Open-Aire, Rosemary M. of East Chicago, IN had an oxygen provider who was anything but interested in her as a customer. One time she ran out of oxygen tanks and they couldn’t deliver new ones. After that experience, she knew it was time to find a new oxygen provider. One that would value her as a customer, and would provide something other than tanks.

Oxygen tanks were a big hassle for Rosemary. She likes to go into downtown Chicago to meet with her friends for lunch and shopping, but the tanks made it extremely difficult. She could no longer take the train to get to town. Instead, she had to drive and ask her friends to help her carry her replacement tanks.

It only took her two months to realize this would not do. She started a quest to find a new provider. She spoke to a few different companies, but none of them seemed very interested in her. That changed when she found Open-Aire. The Case Manager she worked with was eager to help her out, and find the right portable oxygen concentrator for her.  Open-Aire was able to work with her doctor to get her a portable oxygen concentrator quickly, and made her feel valued as a customer the entire time. 

“Customer service is very important to me,” says Rosemary. “Everyone at Open-Aire has been very pleasant. Not just polite. You can hear that they are interested in their voice. They take an interest. They went beyond my expectations.”