Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 - New Year and New Goals!

When Bruna F. of Tucson, AZ received her portable oxygen concentrator from Open-Aire it did not take long for it to make a difference. “The first day I had it I went out shopping, and my daughter had to tell me to slow down,” she says. It was a pretty dramatic change from where she had been just for the past few years.

Before getting a portable oxygen concentrator Bruna had spent the previous two years struggling with oxygen tanks. They were too heavy to drag around and limited her mobility. It made it hard for her to get out, and became troubling for her.  “I didn’t realize how much of a recluse I was becoming. It was too hard to go anywhere. I hadn’t been to the mall in years. Even just getting to the mailbox was difficult.” She couldn’t live like this, and when she heard about Open-Aire portable oxygen concentrators she knew she had found the solution.

Now that she’s getting all of the oxygen she needs, she’s starting the New Year off right by getting more exercise.  “I’ve dusted off my old exercise equipment and now I’m losing weight,” says Bruna.  She’s been using her exercise bike and elliptical almost every day, and is off to an excellent start with no signs of stopping. Exercise isn’t the only change for 2015. Since she’s no longer tied down to her oxygen tanks, she’s looking into some very overdue traveling. We wish her well with her weight loss and exercise goals, as well as any other goals she has for 2015.