Friday, December 13, 2013

Finding a New Provider

John W. of Illinois recently found himself in a difficult situation. John was preparing for a trip to Belgium, and as a nocturnal oxygen user he needed to make arrangements so that he would have an oxygen concentrator for his trip. At first his oxygen provider assured him they would be able to supply him with a portable oxygen concentrator. However, they soon called him back and informed him that they would not be able to provide him with the equipment he needed.

John wasn’t going to let them stop him from going to Belgium. He decided it was time for a new oxygen provider. John needed to find a company that could provide him with oxygen equipment that would meet all of his needs. After searching on the Internet, John found Open-Aire. His new Case Manager wasted no time in getting started, “Open-Aire worked with my doctor’s office to get all the paperwork filled out. Your company came through, when my old company could and would not,” says John.

Open-Aire got a portable oxygen concentrator shipped out so that he was able to sleep in comfort in Belgium. And it’s been great comfort having it at home too. It’s quieter than his old traditional concentrator and for a nocturnal user like John that makes sleeping a lot easier. Whether he’s at home or traveling, his portable oxygen concentrator is a great all-in-one solution!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Welcome Back Alice

A couple years ago Alice S. of Middle Island, NY became an Open-Aire customer after seeing a commercial on TV. With her portable oxygen concentrator she was able to travel and become more active. However, shortly after receiving her portable oxygen concentrator her insurance provider changed their network of providers and partners. This meant she would no longer be able to get her portable oxygen concentrator through Open-Aire. Her insurance provider set up her with a different oxygen company, but Alice felt their customer service was poor and her new equipment was unreliable.

For the next year Alice didn’t travel. She did not trust her oxygen equipment and was too scared to go long distances with it. In the meantime she was calling up her insurance provider every couple weeks to complain and ask if there was any way she could switch back to Open-Aire. Finally, they offered her a solution on how she could go back to Open-Aire by going out-of-network.

Now she’s back with Open-Aire and couldn’t be happier because once again she is free to travel without hassle or worry. Just this past week Alice was traveling again and headed to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to visit some old friends. “I love to travel and I love Open-Aire! You allow me to live,” says Alice. We look forward to finding out where she travels to next.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Medicare’s Competitive Bidding has now been in effect for several months, and many people with Medicare have found themselves affected. You may be one of them.

If your Medicare benefits have been capped (after 13 months) and you live in any of the many markets that are now participating in Medicare's Competitive Bidding then there is a chance that your provider may not be able to continue servicing you. If they did not win a Medicare contract, they may no longer be your provider. Markets are in the Northeast, Midwest, South and West and include such greater metro areas as New York, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, New Orleans, Tucson, Atlanta and San Francisco.  You can check your suppliers at to find out who your local providers are.

If you are one of the many Medicare patients affected and using your benefits for CPAP equipment, supplies and services, Open-Aire would like to help you. Please visit our newest site in the Lincare family,

Lincare offers Medicare covered CPAP machines, masks and supplies from the top brands, ResMed, Respironics, DeVibliss, Fisher & Paykel and more. Lincare is a contracted Medicare Provider for CPAP equipment, supplies and services for all markets excluding four locations, Baton Rouge; LA, Honolulu; HI, Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown; NY and Scranton-Wilkes-Barre; PA.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Much Better Quality of Life

Recently we spoke with Jan Frye Hill of North Carolina. Her father Wade was an Open-Aire customer for two years, and sadly passed away early this Spring. Wade was a very happy Open-Aire customer though, and Jan wanted to share a little bit of his story with us.

Wade, a Sunday school teacher of over 50 years, had become afflicted with several health problems due to congestive heart failure and lung cancer.  Traditional oxygen tanks were only adding to his difficulties. Fortunately he learned about portable oxygen concentrators and Open-Aire. Wade's portable oxygen concentrator made his life easier and the impact it made was instant. It was easy for him to put on his shoulder and go. With it he was able to go to outings with friends, do his shopping, see the Atlanta Braves play, and go back to teaching Sunday school.

Wade was even able to visit his daughter, Phyllis, who has a home at the beach. Previously it was very difficult for Wade to make that trip to see her. It was very inconvenient to have tanks and concentrators delivered to wherever he wanted to go on vacation. With his portable oxygen concentrator he needed to do nothing more but plug his concentrator into the car and go.  Jan sums it up best though. She says, “His portable oxygen concentrator gave him a much better quality of life and gave his family comfort knowing he could do everything he wanted.”

Monday, May 20, 2013

Every Step of the Way

In 2001 Richard Gasser was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and shortly thereafter was prescribed oxygen. For his first 8 years using oxygen, he worked with two local oxygen providers and had poor experiences with both of them. Then about 4 years ago he saw an ad for the EverGo/EverFlo bundle and started doing research on Open-Aire.  He was a bit cautious at first, and had reservations working with a company in Florida instead of a local brick and mortar provider. However, since his local providers hadn’t given him the help he needed he decided to try out Open-Aire and he has been very pleased with the results, particularly with the customer service he’s received. Richard says, “I’ve had my supplies replaced a couple times and everything was great. Anytime I’ve needed them, they have been there.”

About a year ago Richard’s IPF started to worsen, and during the past winter it really took a toll on him. Once he stabilized he required more oxygen, and standing and walking became extremely difficult for him as well. While on the phone with Open-Aire’s customer service department to discuss his new oxygen requirements Richard learned about the Mobility section of

He started doing some investigating into power wheelchairs, and took the information to his pulmonologist and physical therapist. They both agreed that a power wheelchair would be the right solution for him. Once again Richard was working with Open-Aire case managers, but this time it was with the Open-Aire Mobility Division team. The equipment may have been different, but the customer service experience was just as good as ever. Richard says it best in his own words though. “I would choose Open-Aire over any brick and mortar company. They have all bent over backwards helping me and my every need. I know what customer service is, and this is it!”

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Riding With Her Dogs

Joanna Small of Klamath, CA has long suffered from multiple sclerosis. A few months ago she and her doctor agreed that she would benefit from using a power wheelchair. However, Joanna had an extremely difficult time finding a company to work with her insurance. By the time she found Open-Aire in the phone book she was not very hopeful. Joanna says, “I was skeptical since lots of other companies told me they’d be able to help me, but couldn’t. They told me confusing things and I wasn’t sure if my insurance would qualify or not.”

After spending time on the phone with Joanna’s insurance providers, Open-Aire Mobility Division case managers confirmed that she was in fact covered for power mobility equipment. They handled her paperwork and worked with her doctor to get everything completed. A few weeks later Joanna finally got the new power wheelchair that she needed.

Now Joanna is very happy and doing her best to get the word out about Open-Aire Mobility Division. “I’ve told the MS Foundation, the MS Society of San Francisco and I’m ready to tell some more people,” she says. The only ones happier about her new power wheelchair are her dogs who love to ride with her. “When I beep the horn they come running and jump up into my lap. They’re even trying to drive, but right now they just push the joystick and make us do donuts in the living room.” Is driver's ed in the future for Joanna’s dogs? We’ll check back in with her soon and find out. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting Around By Himself

Today’s story comes from Bob and Ann Sisk of Roscommon, Michigan. Previously, Bob used a cane and had struggled greatly with it. He was at risk of falling, so Ann always had to be at his side to help stabilize him. Taking more than just a few steps would leave him out of breath. It was getting difficult for the both of them, and when they learned about Open-Aire Mobility Division, they thought a power wheelchair could be just what he needed.

From their first time speaking with a Mobility Case Manager and throughout the entire process, Bob and Ann found Open-Aire Mobility Division to be fast and easy to work with. They particularly appreciated the day when Bob’s new power wheelchair was delivered. Ann says, “The installer went over and above to help us. He explained the features of the power chair and showed us how it worked. He walked alongside Bob as he rode it for the first time and answered all the questions he had about how to control it.”

Bob is ecstatic with his power wheelchair. For the first time in quite a while he’s able to be more independent and do things without Ann by his side. He’s already taken it into the hallways of their senior-living apartment by himself to visit his friends. They’re all asking where he got his new power wheelchair from, and he’s very happy to tell them Open-Aire Mobility Division

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No More Falling In Fall River

Not long ago, Joe Vallon of Fall River, MA began suffering from orthostatic hypertension, a medical condition which results in a sudden increase in blood pressure when a person stands up. When Joe stands up, he must stand still until his blood pressure goes back to normal. Coupled with some difficulties walking, getting around had become very difficult for Joe. According to his wife Mary, “If Joe needed to move around, he would rise from his recliner, stand up to keep his balance, and then go over to his walker or a wheelchair.” It also resulted in him falling multiple times and injuring himself in the process.

Mary thought that a power wheelchair would give him more independence and reached out for help. Due to some of Joe’s other health issues, his experience wasn’t as quick and easy as it could have been, but Open-AireMobility Division helped him every step of the way. Mary says, “When we first started working with Open-Aire, they set up a meeting with his doctor, but Joe went into the hospital and we couldn’t proceed. His case manager helped reschedule his appointments and got him some time extensions that we needed until he was out and ready to move forward. We had an excellent experience with Open-Aire.”

Now Joe has his power wheelchair and has indeed become more independent. Getting around from one room to the other is just a simple matter of grabbing the joystick and pointing it to where he wants to go. Joe no longer worries about his rising blood pressure or about falling.

Monday, January 28, 2013

King of the Road

William Johnson of Hope Mills, North Carolina loves to travel across the country. After he retired, he and his wife frequently took road trips, and drove over 9,000 miles across the United States. Unfortunately, in October of 2010 his traveling ended, as a series of health issues kept William in and out of the hospital for over six months. “I saw so many doctors in that time, the only one I didn’t see was a veterinarian,” jokes William.

When William came home, he had to use oxygen tanks. His tanks only lasted an hour and a half, which made even short trips around town difficult. Just as he was starting to get frustrated he saw a commercial for Open-Aire portable oxygen concentrators, and he knew that was the solution he needed. It’s been an absolute joy for him. With his portable oxygen concentrator he has unlimited oxygen. Worrying about running out of oxygen is a thing of the past for him because he can charge it in his cigarette lighter, power outlets, and put in an extra battery if he needs to. And with all these ways to keep his portable oxygen concentrator powered, William can travel again!

This past Christmas William traveled to see his kids and grandkids and spent the holidays with them. It was the first time in a year and a half he was able to see them. It was the best Christmas he had in years and says, “I had such a good time I told some of my friends I may never come back.” William is looking forward to being able to get back to his old life in 2013. This February he and his wife already have a trip planned to go to a trip in the mountains, and plenty more after that.