Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pushing the Tanks Aside

Richard B. of Pleasanton, TX was having difficulty getting used to life with oxygen tanks. Traveling with oxygen tanks, and having to schedule deliveries was tough enough, but dealing with how to store the many tanks he needed was a daily difficulty. "Before I switched to a portable oxygen concentrator I was going through at least 10 oxygen tanks a week," says Richard. It didn't take long before Richard grew tired of the inconvenience and clutter of oxygen tanks, and that's when he found Open-Aire.

After working with Richard and his doctor, Open-Aire case managers were able to find a portable oxygen concentrator that best suited his needs. He is very happy with the features his portable concentrator provides, especially how it eliminates so many of the problems that he was forced to put up with while using oxygen tanks. "I appreciate the fact that I can go 9 hours without a recharge," says Richard. That allows him the opportunity to travel outside the home, without the worry that he might run out of oxygen.

Now that he has a portable oxygen concentrator Richard's life is closer to how it used to be before he was prescribed oxygen. "I can't do everything I used to do, but I haven't let the failure of my lungs hold me back too much." He uses it to go to his grandkids' basketball games, attend his Masonic meetings, and any other activities that send him outside the home. Best of all, the tanks are all gone and his home is free of all that clutter.