Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Handyman

James B. of Las Vegas, NV had only been on oxygen a short time the day he saw a commercial for Open-Aire’s portable oxygen concentrators.  “A small concentrator that you can fly with? That sounds better than what I have,” he thought to himself. He soon called and started working with Open-Aire’s case managers.  He was able to get a portable concentrator through Medicare and his supplemental insurance, and had a great experience during the entire process. “The employees were absolutely super the whole way through." Now he’s getting ready to fly to Phoenix, AZ to visit family, and preparing for another trip back east later in the year.

Traveling isn’t the only thing that has become an easier experience. James is even able to get back to doing his home handiwork. “A few days ago I replaced a sink and faucet and had my portable oxygen concentrator going the whole time. And I got it done too!” says James.  He does it all from start to finish. He goes to his local hardware store, grabs a shopping cart, puts his portable oxygen concentrator in it, and starts looking for all the things he needs to get the job done.  “I can take my time and walk around like it’s not even there.” James has other projects that will be keeping him busy, and his portable oxygen concentrator will ensure he’s able to do them.