Monday, May 20, 2013

Every Step of the Way

In 2001 Richard Gasser was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and shortly thereafter was prescribed oxygen. For his first 8 years using oxygen, he worked with two local oxygen providers and had poor experiences with both of them. Then about 4 years ago he saw an ad for the EverGo/EverFlo bundle and started doing research on Open-Aire.  He was a bit cautious at first, and had reservations working with a company in Florida instead of a local brick and mortar provider. However, since his local providers hadn’t given him the help he needed he decided to try out Open-Aire and he has been very pleased with the results, particularly with the customer service he’s received. Richard says, “I’ve had my supplies replaced a couple times and everything was great. Anytime I’ve needed them, they have been there.”

About a year ago Richard’s IPF started to worsen, and during the past winter it really took a toll on him. Once he stabilized he required more oxygen, and standing and walking became extremely difficult for him as well. While on the phone with Open-Aire’s customer service department to discuss his new oxygen requirements Richard learned about the Mobility section of

He started doing some investigating into power wheelchairs, and took the information to his pulmonologist and physical therapist. They both agreed that a power wheelchair would be the right solution for him. Once again Richard was working with Open-Aire case managers, but this time it was with the Open-Aire Mobility Division team. The equipment may have been different, but the customer service experience was just as good as ever. Richard says it best in his own words though. “I would choose Open-Aire over any brick and mortar company. They have all bent over backwards helping me and my every need. I know what customer service is, and this is it!”