Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Falls are in the Past

For many years Elvira B. of Oxford, MI had a difficult time walking. Lupus and arthritis were affecting her joints, and it got to the point where she had to use a walker. That was okay for a couple years, but recently even using the walker became a struggle, and she was starting to fall. A few months ago she suffered a bad fall, and hurt her left leg very badly. After that her doctor decided the walker wasn't right for her anymore, and that a power wheelchair would be better for her. He recommended working with Open-Aire Mobility Division. In just a few days, Open-Aire Mobility case managers were working with her doctor and Medicare, setting up appointments, and handling the paperwork. Shortly after, Elvira had her new power wheelchair.

Elvira says, "I would recommend my power wheelchair and Open-Aire Mobility to anyone. In fact, I already have!" Elvira lives in an independent living facility, and has a good friend who is having difficulty walking due to Parkinson's Disease"We've talked about my power wheelchair a lot and how much I like it. Now her doctor is going to help her get one too." Open-Aire is happy to hear how satisfied Elvira is, and looks forward to helping out her friend.