Monday, April 7, 2014

Taking Back Her Independence

Judy M of San Antonio, TX knew that she needed a power wheelchair, but did not have an easy time acquiring one. For almost a year Judy tried to get a power wheelchair from another company. She found them very difficult to work with. She had trouble getting them on the phone and they were always trying to get her to accept a refurbished power wheelchair. Her physical therapist thought it was ridiculous that a company could be so hard to work with, so he suggested she look elsewhere and recommended Open-Aire Mobility Division. 

Once Open-Aire Mobility Division was involved it was a completely different story.  “They had a conference call with me and my doctor to set up my mobility evaluation,” says Judy. “They were always calling me and communicating. They always kept me aware of what was going on.”

A short time later Judy finally got the power wheelchair she needed and life is so much better. “I absolutely love it. It’s given me back my independence. I needed that. I needed it mentally. Not being able to walk or drive was very difficult for me.”  Now Judy is able to get around the house again without becoming tired, relying less on others, and living more independently.