Monday, January 23, 2012

The Grass Is Greener In Paul's Yard

Mr. Paul Gibson of Newport News, VA has been with Open-Aire for over three and a half years. In that time, Paul’s life has absolutely been enhanced by his portable oxygen concentrator. "It's really nice. It beats dragging those old tanks around. I recommend it to everyone I see." No longer homebound, Paul is able to take trips to Maryland to see his close friends and plug his oxygen concentrator right into his car’s cigarette lighter. He's been able to continue to do his own chores and not be tied to a heavy tank. Even just sitting at home and watching TV with his Westie is more enjoyable, now that he doesn't need to keep an eye out for how much oxygen he has left in his tank.

Most of the time though, Paul uses it while he's working outside. Neighbors who drive by often see Paul toiling away in his yard - mowing the lawn, taking care of flowers, raking leaves, and most recently digging a trench to install a new electrical line all while carrying his portable oxygen concentrator. It’s a lot of work putting all that care into his yard, but he doesn’t mind. Paul’s motto is "once you quit, you quit" and his portable oxygen concentrator from Open-Aire is helping to make sure he won't be quitting anytime soon.