Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Much Better Quality of Life

Recently we spoke with Jan Frye Hill of North Carolina. Her father Wade was an Open-Aire customer for two years, and sadly passed away early this Spring. Wade was a very happy Open-Aire customer though, and Jan wanted to share a little bit of his story with us.

Wade, a Sunday school teacher of over 50 years, had become afflicted with several health problems due to congestive heart failure and lung cancer.  Traditional oxygen tanks were only adding to his difficulties. Fortunately he learned about portable oxygen concentrators and Open-Aire. Wade's portable oxygen concentrator made his life easier and the impact it made was instant. It was easy for him to put on his shoulder and go. With it he was able to go to outings with friends, do his shopping, see the Atlanta Braves play, and go back to teaching Sunday school.

Wade was even able to visit his daughter, Phyllis, who has a home at the beach. Previously it was very difficult for Wade to make that trip to see her. It was very inconvenient to have tanks and concentrators delivered to wherever he wanted to go on vacation. With his portable oxygen concentrator he needed to do nothing more but plug his concentrator into the car and go.  Jan sums it up best though. She says, “His portable oxygen concentrator gave him a much better quality of life and gave his family comfort knowing he could do everything he wanted.”