Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No More Worries

Sandra White of Golden Valley, Arizona has had her portable oxygen concentrator from Open-Aire for just a couple months, but she’s already seen just how big of a change it has made in her life. It’s been less expensive than the bottles she had to get from her old oxygen provider. She’s able to travel and is getting ready for a trip to California in the near future. But the best part is just being able to pick up and go as she pleases.

Sandra's life is now decided by her, and not by how much oxygen she needs. For instance, just a few days ago she visited a friend who lives across town. Instead of heading back home once it got dark, she decided she wanted to stay over. With her bottles she would have had to plan it out in advance so that she'd have enough oxygen, but that’s not the case now. "My portable worked as my stationary machine so I could spend the night," explains Sandra. In fact, when talking about her portable oxygen concentrator with her friends at the VFW and American Legion she has a saying, "there’s no more worrying about how long you can be can be gone."