Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Sky's The Limit

Richard W. of Danville, IN is so happy with his portable oxygen concentrator from Open-Aire that he says, “it makes me want to stand on my head!”  He had been using oxygen for several years, and was very unhappy with all the limitations oxygen tanks had put on his life. When he learned about portable oxygen concentrators he thought that was exactly what he needed.  “I didn’t even know this was an option,” he says.  When his old provider would not offer him one, he looked around for a new company and found Open-Aire. A few weeks later, he got an OxyGo from Open-Aire, and couldn’t be happier.

Now Richard plans on using his portable oxygen concentrator to do something he has wanted to do for a long time. His son has a pilot’s license and Richard has wanted to go flying with him. But, due to the small planes he flies, oxygen tanks are not allowed onboard. However, portable oxygen concentrators are allowed on planes. “Before, I couldn’t go on with an oxygen tank, but that’s not going to stop me anymore.” Now the sky is the limit for Richard, and he’s finally going to fly with his son.