Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Feeling Valued

Before she was with Open-Aire, Rosemary M. of East Chicago, IN had an oxygen provider who was anything but interested in her as a customer. One time she ran out of oxygen tanks and they couldn’t deliver new ones.  After that experience, she knew it was time to find a new oxygen provider.  One that would value her as a customer, and would provide something other than tanks.
Oxygen tanks were a big hassle for Rosemary. She likes to go into downtown Chicago to meet with her friends for lunch and shopping, but the tanks made it extremely difficult. She could no longer take the train to get to town. Instead, she had to drive and ask her friends to help her carry her replacement tanks.
It only took her two months to realize this would not do. She started a quest to find a new provider. She spoke to a few different companies, but none of them seemed very interested in her. That changed when she found Open-Aire. The Case Manager she worked with was eager to help her out, and find the right portable oxygen concentrator for her.  Open-Aire was able to work with her doctor to get her a portable oxygen concentrator quickly, and made her feel valued as a customer the entire time.   “Customer service is very important to me,” says Rosemary. “Everyone at Open-Aire has been very pleasant. Not just polite. You can hear that they are interested in their voice. They take an interest. They went beyond my expectations.”

Monday, November 23, 2015

Doing Your Job With Heart

When Genette D. of St. Paul, MN began having difficulty walking she was sent to a Falls Clinic, where physicians and physical therapists taught her how to properly use her walker and showed her other techniques that would help her maintain her balance. Unfortunately as her arthritis and fibromyalgia worsened the therapy and lessons she learned in the Falls Clinic weren’t enough, and she and her doctor both agreed that a power wheelchair would be the best for her.
Once she began looking for a power wheelchair, Genette found a local company, but it was a disaster for her. She says, “they put me through all these hurdles. Month after month and nothing happened. Eventually they told me I was denied, but when I contacted Medicare they told me the paperwork had never even been filed. They took months of mobility away from me by wasting my time.”  Genette and her doctor knew she was qualified though, so they asked Medicare directly who she could work with, and they told her Open-Aire Mobility Division.
Working with Open-Aire Mobility was a completely different experience for her. Case Managers responded to her and worked with her, her doctor, and Medicare to handle the process quickly and efficiently. Genette had a wonderful experience, and explains it better than we ever could.  “I used to be healthy and active. I was a waitress. I could run circles around teenagers. Deteriorating like this has been hard, but you were there for me.  It’s not that you just did your job, but you did it with heart. When you do it with heart and care that makes us appreciate things even more.”
Thank you for the kind words Genette. It was a pleasure to help you regain your mobility.

Monday, November 16, 2015

COPD Awareness - Did You Know?

COPD Awareness Month continues, and Open-Aire would like to share some more information with you about COPD.
  • Lung damage in COPD patients is irreversible.
  • Smoking is the primary risk factor for COPD.
  • COPD often co-exists with chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
  • Common symptoms of COPD include breathlessness even after mild exertion and chronic coughing.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

COPD Awareness - The Facts

November marks the beginning of COPD Awareness Month.  Open-Aire recognizes that COPD affects millions of Americans each year, and we want to share some facts about it to help educate others.  For more information about COPD including signs and symptoms, how to manage COPD, and finding support please visit the following websites or speak to your physician.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Falls are in the Past

For many years Elvira B. of Oxford, MI had a difficult time walking. Lupus and arthritis were affecting her joints, and it got to the point where she had to use a walker. That was okay for a couple years, but recently even using the walker became a struggle, and she was starting to fall. A few months ago she suffered a bad fall, and hurt her left leg very badly. After that her doctor decided the walker wasn't right for her anymore, and that a power wheelchair would be better for her. He recommended working with Open-Aire Mobility Division. In just a few days, Open-Aire Mobility case managers were working with her doctor and Medicare, setting up appointments, and handling the paperwork. Shortly after, Elvira had her new power wheelchair.

Elvira says, "I would recommend my power wheelchair and Open-Aire Mobility to anyone. In fact, I already have!" Elvira lives in an independent living facility, and has a good friend who is having difficulty walking due to Parkinson's Disease"We've talked about my power wheelchair a lot and how much I like it. Now her doctor is going to help her get one too." Open-Aire is happy to hear how satisfied Elvira is, and looks forward to helping out her friend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No Excuse Not to Exercise

When Michael M. of West Valley City, Utah was diagnosed with COPD his doctor stressed to him the importance of exercise for maintaining good health. "That’s a nice idea, but it’s too hard and awkward to exercise with heavy oxygen equipment," he says. Fortunately he did not have to deal with oxygen tanks or other heavy equipment for too long before he saw a commercial for Open-Aire. He found Open-Aire quick and easy to deal with, and it wasn’t too long before he had a new portable oxygen concentrator.

Michael really appreciates the mobility his portable oxygen concentrator allows him. Now he’s able to be more active and do the exercise that he’s supposed to do. He also discovered that one of the additional accessories has allowed him even greater freedom. Michael says, "The backpack* is really handy. I put it on and my hands are free. It makes it easier to exercise. I can use the treadmill or ride the stationary bike without any problems."

Besides the gym, Michael also stays active by using his portable oxygen concentrator while he works around the house and in his backyard. While doing some yard work a few other people have noticed him using it. His neighbor was recently diagnosed with COPD and when he saw Michael using his, he had a lot of questions about it.  "After he saw mine he was sold. Now he’s getting one too!"

*Backpacks are not part of the portable oxygen concentrators insurance set up package, but are available for purchase along with other accessories.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Nurse Who Knows What She Wants

Janet M. of Tampa, FL worked as a nurse for many years, and was well aware of the difficulties oxygen patients had to deal with from their equipment. When she was prescribed oxygen she knew right away that she did not want to use oxygen tanks. After she was prescribed, Janet tells us, "a local oxygen provider that works with my doctor's office brought tanks over to my home and I rejected them!" The provider wasn't able to get her a portable oxygen concentrator, so she went out and found Open-Aire.

That was over four years ago. Janet has been a long time customer and is using the OxyGo by Applied Home Healthcare Equipment. "It's by far the most convenient," says Janet. She takes it wherever she goes, including on her summer trips to New England where she visits her children in Massachusetts and Vermont. Open-Aire looks forward to being Janet's preferred oxygen provider for four more years, and many more after that.