Wednesday, October 22, 2014

She's Never at Home!

Earlier this year Virginia M. of Clinton, NY was prescribed oxygen for her COPD. Her oxygen provider gave her a large concentrator and a supply of oxygen tanks that were too bulky for her to manage. Going out with the tanks was difficult for Virginia. They were heavy, and they never seemed to last for as long as they were supposed to. The shortages made it too hard for her to plan for trips outside of her home. She started to become frustrated and didn't know what to do. "I didn't know if any alternative existed. I thought that's all there was," says Virginia. Without seeing any other options she ended up staying at home all the time and started to become depressed.

Fortunately, one day Virginia saw a commercial for portable oxygen concentrators from Open-Aire. After a phone call with Open-Aire, Virginia was able to get the information she needed, and her pulmonary doctor helped with the paperwork she needed. A short time later she received her equipment, and she and her doctor are both very pleased with the results since making the switch.

Now that Virginia has a portable oxygen concentrator she goes out more than she did, even before being prescribed oxygen. She takes trips to the mall, the casino, the grocery store, goes out to lunch with her sister, and is taking full advantage of being mobile again. In fact, her son Frank has trouble keeping track of her. According to him, "now that she has her portable concentrator, she’s never at home!"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tour of Honor

Peter D. of New York is a 90-year-old veteran of World War II, and a true American hero. Later this month, Peter will be joining a group of veterans on a trip to Washington, D.C. for Honor Flight, a group that transports our heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit the monuments and reflect at their memorials. The trip could have been much more difficult for him though, because earlier this year Peter was prescribed oxygen due to his Pulmonary Fibrosis

Even at 90 he’s still very active. He does his own shopping, goes out on drives, and visits his friends in the neighborhood. So when he was prescribed oxygen it was a difficult change. He found his entire set-up of tanks and concentrators to be very difficult to use. “You have to be an engineer to hook them up. You have to wait for delivery. And you can’t take them on a plane,” says Peter.

Fortunately Peter learned about Open-Aire soon afterwards, and he was able to get a new portable oxygen concentrator. Now Peter’s trip to DC will be much easier. “The portable oxygen concentrator does everything for me. It lasts me all day. I can take it on a plane. It even reminds me to breathe the right way.

We thank Peter for his service, and we’ll be sure to check in with him again to see how he enjoyed his Honor Flight trip.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Going Back to the Theme Park

Carolyn S. of Wylie, TX was put on oxygen earlier this spring after she went to the hospital for a bout of pneumonia. The provider her doctor set her up did not make things easy for her. She was given a basic set-up that included heavy tanks and a large concentrator. Walking with the tanks was very difficult and it made leaving the house a real chore. Within two months they had to switch out her concentrator three times because they kept breaking.

The last straw came when she tried to go to Six Flags Over Texas with her family. Her provider couldn't give her lightweight equipment, and the oxygen tanks she had were so heavy that she eventually had to leave them in the car. The results were not good. “I tried to walk around without the tanks for a little while, and I nearly passed out” says Carolyn. It was a difficult situation for her to be in, and she decided she needed a better solution. If she had to be on oxygen she wanted to do it on her terms.

So she approached her doctor about a lightweight portable concentrator from Open-Aire, and after working with an Open-Aire Case Manager he agreed it would be better for her. On her next visit to her doctor she was able to easily walk into the office and was breathing without any trouble. Everyone agreed she made the right decision by choosing Open-Aire. Now Carolyn has the confidence to go back out and live life the same way she used to. “I'm already planning on going back to Six Flags again, and this time I'll be able to use my portable concentrator and stay as long as I want.”

Monday, April 7, 2014

Taking Back Her Independence

Judy M of San Antonio, TX knew that she needed a power wheelchair, but did not have an easy time acquiring one. For almost a year Judy tried to get a power wheelchair from another company. She found them very difficult to work with. She had trouble getting them on the phone and they were always trying to get her to accept a refurbished power wheelchair. Her physical therapist thought it was ridiculous that a company could be so hard to work with, so he suggested she look elsewhere and recommended Open-Aire Mobility Division. 

Once Open-Aire Mobility Division was involved it was a completely different story.  “They had a conference call with me and my doctor to set up my mobility evaluation,” says Judy. “They were always calling me and communicating. They always kept me aware of what was going on.”

A short time later Judy finally got the power wheelchair she needed and life is so much better. “I absolutely love it. It’s given me back my independence. I needed that. I needed it mentally. Not being able to walk or drive was very difficult for me.”  Now Judy is able to get around the house again without becoming tired, relying less on others, and living more independently.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

At Her Side

Last June, Faith C. was fed up with being tied down with oxygen tanks and wanted oxygen equipment that would allow him to be more mobile. He discovered Open-Aire and decided to get a new portable oxygen concentrator.  A few months later it would turn out to be a fortunate decision for him.

Early this winter, Faith’s wife was in a serious car accident while she was travelling through Texas. She was transported from one hospital to another, and eventually ended up in Amarillo. However, the couple’s home was in Kansas, and that’s where Faith was when he got the news. Over 500 miles away! But Faith needed to be at his wife’s side, and his portable concentrator made that possible. By plugging it into his car’s cigarette lighter, he was able to keep it powered for the entire drive.

Faith’s wife had to stay in the ICU for 10 days, and she spent an additional week in recovery before she was able to return home with him. During that time Faith drove back and forth from Kansas six times, using his portable concentrator the entire time. “Can you imagine how many oxygen tanks I would have been needed for those drives?” says Faith. “I could not have done it without my portable oxygen concentrator. It would have been impossible.”  We wish them both well during her continued recovery.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Finding a New Provider

John W. of Illinois recently found himself in a difficult situation. John was preparing for a trip to Belgium, and as a nocturnal oxygen user he needed to make arrangements so that he would have an oxygen concentrator for his trip. At first his oxygen provider assured him they would be able to supply him with a portable oxygen concentrator. However, they soon called him back and informed him that they would not be able to provide him with the equipment he needed.

John wasn’t going to let them stop him from going to Belgium. He decided it was time for a new oxygen provider. John needed to find a company that could provide him with oxygen equipment that would meet all of his needs. After searching on the Internet, John found Open-Aire. His new Case Manager wasted no time in getting started, “Open-Aire worked with my doctor’s office to get all the paperwork filled out. Your company came through, when my old company could and would not,” says John.

Open-Aire got a portable oxygen concentrator shipped out so that he was able to sleep in comfort in Belgium. And it’s been great comfort having it at home too. It’s quieter than his old traditional concentrator and for a nocturnal user like John that makes sleeping a lot easier. Whether he’s at home or traveling, his portable oxygen concentrator is a great all-in-one solution!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Welcome Back Alice

A couple years ago Alice S. of Middle Island, NY became an Open-Aire customer after seeing a commercial on TV. With her portable oxygen concentrator she was able to travel and become more active. However, shortly after receiving her portable oxygen concentrator her insurance provider changed their network of providers and partners. This meant she would no longer be able to get her portable oxygen concentrator through Open-Aire. Her insurance provider set up her with a different oxygen company, but Alice felt their customer service was poor and her new equipment was unreliable.

For the next year Alice didn’t travel. She did not trust her oxygen equipment and was too scared to go long distances with it. In the meantime she was calling up her insurance provider every couple weeks to complain and ask if there was any way she could switch back to Open-Aire. Finally, they offered her a solution on how she could go back to Open-Aire by going out-of-network.

Now she’s back with Open-Aire and couldn’t be happier because once again she is free to travel without hassle or worry. Just this past week Alice was traveling again and headed to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to visit some old friends. “I love to travel and I love Open-Aire! You allow me to live,” says Alice. We look forward to finding out where she travels to next.