Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On the Road Again with Open-Aire

When you ask Quincy Heck Jr. of Ormond Beach, FL about his experience with his Open-Aire portable oxygen concentrator, the very first thing he'll tell you is that he has "a totally different quality of life." When you read the story of the last time he travelled with traditional oxygen tanks, you'll quickly understand why.

A few years ago, as a new oxygen patient, Quincy wanted to visit his children and grandchildren in California. A car trip seemed to be the only way he could manage it because airlines would only allow him to bring one oxygen tank on board. For a 5 ½ hour flight it was impossible for him to get by with just one tank. Even driving was difficult though and made him nervous. He says, "I had such a fear of going that my daughter-in-law flew out with me to drive from Florida to California." Plus he needed so many oxygen tanks for the drive that he had to rent a separate trailer just to carry all of them.

While the drive to California went smoothly, the drive home back to Florida did not go as well. He ordered the same number of oxygen tanks, but something went wrong and half-way through the trip he ran out of oxygen. He managed to find a center to get new tanks, but for several hours he was in a difficult and very frightening position. Once he returned home he thought his days of traveling were over.

However, shortly thereafter he saw a commercial for Open-Aire. After a few quick phone calls he received an EverGo portable oxygen concentrator. Now he and his wife are able to travel all the time. They've been back to California and even made a trip out to Las Vegas. Next on the list is a drive up to North Carolina. "For a long time my cousin has been trying to get me to come see him. Before I had to deal with all those tanks, and had to say no, but now I'm ready to go."