Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Open-Aire, Fresh Air

It didn't take long for Vincent Deroma of Greenacres, FL to realize that living with oxygen tanks was not how he wanted to live his life. He was tired of the hardships of carrying tanks around, the inconvenience of scheduling deliveries and the constant worry that he may not have enough oxygen.  When he saw Open-Aire's commercial for their portable oxygen concentrators, he didn't wait too long to call.

In just a few weeks an EverGo/EverFlo bundle arrived to his home, and it wasn't long before all of his complaints about tanks were a thing of the past. Vincent tells us that in addition to the obvious benefits of a portable concentrator, he is finding a difference with the quality of the air he is breathing in. Vincent says, "the air smells better. It smells fresher. The air in the tanks always felt stale. My air feels clean now." It was an unexpected surprise that makes him even happier with his decision to switch from tanks to a portable oxygen concentrator.