Friday, February 17, 2017

"They're the Best"

Larry B. of Lois, SC learned about Open-Aire from a source that even surprised us.  Larry had been on oxygen for about seven years, and used a portable oxygen concentrator during that time. He liked being able to pick up and go and not having to be tied down to stationary concentrators. When it broke down, his old provider refused to repair it or even politely offer an alternative solution.  “They told me I didn’t really need it, and it was only a convenience,” said Larry. “Their customer service had always been bad, but this was the last straw.”

Larry checked another local oxygen provider, and while they were friendly they couldn’t provide him with a portable concentrator.  However, they did give him a very nice suggestion.  “They told me when it comes to portable oxygen, Open-Aire is the company you want to work with. They’re the best,” says Larry. “When one company tells you to check out a competitor, you should listen.”

With a recommendation from the competition, Larry went to Open-Aire for the portable oxygen concentrator he was looking for, and also got the customer service he wanted.  “My doctor had just changed practices, and was still getting up to speed in his new office. Open-Aire helped him out and made things real easy for him.”  Now Larry is back to being able to pick up and go anytime and anywhere he wants.