Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Nurse Who Knows What She Wants

Janet M. of Tampa, FL worked as a nurse for many years, and was well aware of the difficulties oxygen patients had to deal with from their equipment. When she was prescribed oxygen she knew right away that she did not want to use oxygen tanks. After she was prescribed, Janet tells us, "a local oxygen provider that works with my doctor's office brought tanks over to my home and I rejected them!" The provider wasn't able to get her a portable oxygen concentrator, so she went out and found Open-Aire.

That was over four years ago. Janet has been a long time customer and is using the OxyGo by Applied Home Healthcare Equipment. "It's by far the most convenient," says Janet. She takes it wherever she goes, including on her summer trips to New England where she visits her children in Massachusetts and Vermont. Open-Aire looks forward to being Janet's preferred oxygen provider for four more years, and many more after that.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Impressing Everyone

Frances J. of Parma, MI lost part of a lung back in 2004 during a surgery for her cancer. Since then she had been using oxygen off and on, until last year when she was prescribed full-time use. At that point she had enough experience using tanks to know she did not want to use them full-time. “I used to go out a lot and do some traveling. I couldn’t do that any longer with oxygen tanks. With a tank, I can only be out for a couple hours at a time.”

A life with oxygen tanks wasn’t going to work for Frances. Fortunately she learned about Open-Aire’s portable oxygen concentrators, and with some help from her doctors and Open-Aire case managers it wasn’t long before she was able to have one of her own. Frances’ doctors are very impressed with her portable oxygen concentrator. Her primary physician recommended Open-Aire to another of his patients who wants to continue playing golf. Her pulmonologist has started to recommend portable concentrators to some of his other patients as well.

Even her previous oxygen provider seems impressed. Once Frances was comfortable with her portable oxygen concentrator, she called her previous provider to pick up her old equipment. He insisted that it wouldn’t work, and asked if he could see it. Frances happily showed it to him. Frances says, “While he was looking at it I told him I have up to 12 hours of use at a time with it. After that he said ‘okay I give up’ and left with my old equipment.”