Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"We Take Care of Each Other"

Donna and Lester Lambert of Waldport, OR were getting very frustrated with her old oxygen provider. They were unwilling to provide Donna, an emphysema patient, with a portable oxygen concentrator. Lester knew that her stationary unit was limiting what she could do, and affecting her health. "When you’re on a stationary concentrator you’re stuck on the couch all day long," Lester points out. Fortunately they found Open-Aire through an internet search and got a new EverGo portable oxygen concentrator. Now she's able to leave the house, run errands or go anywhere she needs to go. She's able to be more active and that's helping her to live a healthier lifestyle.

Her portable oxygen concentrator didn't only affect Donna's life though. It directly impacted Lester’s as well. A few months ago Lester began cancer treatment at Oregon Health & Science University. If that wasn’t bad enough, OHSU is 128 miles away, and he would have to drive there and back every day for 5 ½ weeks of treatment. It was going to be a difficult trip.

Because Donna could plug her EverGo into the car’s cigarette lighter, she was able to go with him and would not have to be concerned with running out of oxygen. "I wouldn’t have made it by myself," says Lester. With her help he was able to travel safely and get the treatment he needed. Now Lester is in recovery and he and Donna are starting to get back into their normal routine. They continue to take care of each other every step of the way.