Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No Excuse Not to Exercise

When Michael M. of West Valley City, Utah was diagnosed with COPD his doctor stressed to him the importance of exercise for maintaining good health. "That’s a nice idea, but it’s too hard and awkward to exercise with heavy oxygen equipment," he says. Fortunately he did not have to deal with oxygen tanks or other heavy equipment for too long before he saw a commercial for Open-Aire. He found Open-Aire quick and easy to deal with, and it wasn’t too long before he had a new portable oxygen concentrator.

Michael really appreciates the mobility his portable oxygen concentrator allows him. Now he’s able to be more active and do the exercise that he’s supposed to do. He also discovered that one of the additional accessories has allowed him even greater freedom. Michael says, "The backpack* is really handy. I put it on and my hands are free. It makes it easier to exercise. I can use the treadmill or ride the stationary bike without any problems."

Besides the gym, Michael also stays active by using his portable oxygen concentrator while he works around the house and in his backyard. While doing some yard work a few other people have noticed him using it. His neighbor was recently diagnosed with COPD and when he saw Michael using his, he had a lot of questions about it.  "After he saw mine he was sold. Now he’s getting one too!"

*Backpacks are not part of the portable oxygen concentrators insurance set up package, but are available for purchase along with other accessories.