Thursday, April 21, 2016

Getting out of the Man-Cave

David L. of Willow Spring, NC is a long-time Open-Aire customer - almost 6 years! Prior to using a portable oxygen concentrator David was using oxygen tanks, but he never liked using them. "It was tough to get out of the house because you can't stay out for more than a couple hours," says David.  Being on oxygen along with a few other health problems forced him into a position where he didn’t want to leave his house anymore. So if he was going to be stuck at home, he was going to make himself comfortable. He put together a man-cave for himself. "It's got a recliner, TV, mini-fridge, and everything I need. I hang out in there with my chihuahua, Nester." 

As nice as his man-cave was, it wasn’t enough. David wasn’t trying to travel far, he just wanted to get out of the house a little bit more and enjoy life.  Around the time he found out about portable oxygen concentrators from Open-Aire from an online ad.  After a quick call, an Open-Aire case manager helped him switch from his old provider and set him up with a portable oxygen concentrator. 

He still uses that great man-cave of his today, but now he's able to spend afternoons out of the house doing things he likes to do. He takes trips around town, goes out to eat and attends some local auctions where he recently won a very expensive vacuum cleaner with a bid of just a few dollars. Best of all it allows him to be a little more active. And now that the weather is warming up again that means more walks for Nester.