Monday, January 28, 2013

King of the Road

William Johnson of Hope Mills, North Carolina loves to travel across the country. After he retired, he and his wife frequently took road trips, and drove over 9,000 miles across the United States. Unfortunately, in October of 2010 his traveling ended, as a series of health issues kept William in and out of the hospital for over six months. “I saw so many doctors in that time, the only one I didn’t see was a veterinarian,” jokes William.

When William came home, he had to use oxygen tanks. His tanks only lasted an hour and a half, which made even short trips around town difficult. Just as he was starting to get frustrated he saw a commercial for Open-Aire portable oxygen concentrators, and he knew that was the solution he needed. It’s been an absolute joy for him. With his portable oxygen concentrator he has unlimited oxygen. Worrying about running out of oxygen is a thing of the past for him because he can charge it in his cigarette lighter, power outlets, and put in an extra battery if he needs to. And with all these ways to keep his portable oxygen concentrator powered, William can travel again!

This past Christmas William traveled to see his kids and grandkids and spent the holidays with them. It was the first time in a year and a half he was able to see them. It was the best Christmas he had in years and says, “I had such a good time I told some of my friends I may never come back.” William is looking forward to being able to get back to his old life in 2013. This February he and his wife already have a trip planned to go to a trip in the mountains, and plenty more after that.