Wednesday, March 12, 2014

At Her Side

Last June, Faith C. was fed up with being tied down with oxygen tanks and wanted oxygen equipment that would allow him to be more mobile. He discovered Open-Aire and decided to get a new portable oxygen concentrator.  A few months later it would turn out to be a fortunate decision for him.

Early this winter, Faith’s wife was in a serious car accident while she was travelling through Texas. She was transported from one hospital to another, and eventually ended up in Amarillo. However, the couple’s home was in Kansas, and that’s where Faith was when he got the news. Over 500 miles away! But Faith needed to be at his wife’s side, and his portable concentrator made that possible. By plugging it into his car’s cigarette lighter, he was able to keep it powered for the entire drive.

Faith’s wife had to stay in the ICU for 10 days, and she spent an additional week in recovery before she was able to return home with him. During that time Faith drove back and forth from Kansas six times, using his portable concentrator the entire time. “Can you imagine how many oxygen tanks I would have been needed for those drives?” says Faith. “I could not have done it without my portable oxygen concentrator. It would have been impossible.”  We wish them both well during her continued recovery.