Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Her Name Says It All

"I have the BEST job on EARTH!" This statement is a common one in the customer service department. Carrie Truesdale is one of the hand selected members of the Open-Aire Mobility Division customer service team, who prides herself in representing the heart and soul of the company, their customers! Each day is more fulfilling than the next for Carrie as her personal slogan is 'Never Doubt, Carrie Cares'. Her daily goals are simple: Reduce drama and trauma while increasing the fun factor in receiving a mobility product. This warm outlook on her work has allowed Carrie to make friends all over the country, both recipients of power chairs and Delivery Techs. Carries’ love for her work is contagious and expressed daily.

A few weeks ago, Carrie was trying to contact a new customer to get specifics on where to ship her new power chair. Carrie had spoken with her just a week prior, so when she learned the phone was no longer in service, Carrie got worried, decided to follow her gut and do some research. She found a way to reach her. Carrie learned that the patient’s house had burnt down that week. She had lost everything; her home, her belongings and was staying in a hotel, with just the clothes on her back. Carrie’s main concern was the mental and physical well being of her customer. Carrie knew she had lost everything and was staying in a hotel without any belongings, and importantly, no power chair. Carrie and her customer spent a worthwhile time on the phone, discussing how she was feeling and what the next steps were for her. Carrie listened while her customer shared her feelings on her recent tragedy, and ensured her that it will get better. Carrie followed up a few days later and heard some good news. She got an apartment and was excited to get out of the hotel and begin building her life back. Carrie happily and excitedly shipped the patients new power chair to the new address.

About a week later, the patient called Carrie with a smile on her face and hope in her voice. She was gushing with excitement and gratitude about the arrival of her new chair! She was so thankful to have her power chair, as it made her life much more pleasurable and easier. She told Carrie she didn’t have anything in her apartment, except her power chair and mentioned at this point, that was all she needed. When you ask Carrie what it takes to be a good Customer Service Representative, her answer comes straight from the heart. "All it takes is a listening ear and a caring heart... a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either." Her name says it all, Carrie really does care.

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