Thursday, May 5, 2011

Service to the Rescue

People are busy. . .we all have lives to live. Houses, family, church…it seems everything needs some form of our attention. When you’re diagnosed with COPD, life tends to need a little more planning, and a little more attention to detail. Herman Van Stedum knows all about that. When his four year old unit from Open-Aire needed a little tune up, Herman didn’t have the time or the energy to go without oxygen while his new unit arrived. Lucky for him, as an Open-Aire customer-he didn’t have to. Herman’s wife of 64 years, Marion is the glue of the household. She is the boss lady and the backbone. Marion picked up the phone and called Susan, a customer service representative at Open-Aire, directly. Marion explained what was going on with the unit and Susan didn’t like what she heard.

She immediately ordered a replacement unit for Herman. Susan, being the dedicated customer service agent that she is, noticed the unit was going to take a few weeks to make it to their home. In an effort to go above and beyond (nothing out of the ordinary at Open-Aire) Susan overnighted a loaner unit to the Van Stedum household. Herman never had to worry about going one day, or one minute without being able to breathe. Marion never had to worry about running around to get a replacement unit, or worry about her husband not being able to have oxygen. Life carried on as usual. Marion was able to focus on her crocheting, and their great grand children’s two weddings coming up this summer. Herman was able to focus on his woodwork, which he loves so much. His talents include making wooden leaves for the fall and Christmas trees for the holidays while the kids bring his work to life by painting them in magical colors. Being an Open-Aire customer, means you have an army of individuals just like Susan on your side. You’ll never go without oxygen, not if Susan and the Open-Aire service representatives can help it.

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