Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home On The Range With A FULL House

Judith Rauch is a lady of the land. Appreciating the simple things in life, Judith calls a 2 ½ acre stretch of Illinois land her home, and has for an entire lifetime. Judith is a strong, sophisticated woman. Even after a series of unfortunate events which landed her the inability to walk, Judith still persevered. This spunky 70 year old wasn’t going to just lie down and accept a life of imprisonment. Judith decided to do something about it. She got up the courage and strength to put herself through months and months of strenuous and at times painful rehabilitation. After 6 months of dedication and focus, Judith improved her ability to walk with a walker, and after a few more months, she could walk with a cane. Inside, Judith was solid and strong but found she was falling frequently. On occasion, she ended up in the hospital for emergency procedures. With the added burden of hauling oxygen tanks across her huge stretch of land, sometimes it was impossible to get around, anywhere. At times all she could do was stand outside waving her arms, in hope of catching her husbands attention, and getting some help. It wasn’t easy, Judith says, with her active lifestyle which includes attending Seniors Groups and women’s groups at her church. Not to mention her active participation in the Red Hat Ladies Society meetings & outings. Judith managed to juggle regaining her mobility, while at the same time her and her husband had a full house of family, and foster kids. Judith wanted to take care of EVERYONE.

Finally, a doctor recommended a power chair. Judith marveled at the idea of regaining her mobility, and efficiency. Before she knew it someone was at her home delivering her new power chair. . .Judith was revving to go! Judith was also ready to move on from her oxygen tanks, there was no holding her back now. This was a whole new life, and a whole new world! Once she got her Open-Aire unit she could finally be rid of all those tanks and machines cluttering her house! New way to get air, and new way to get anywhere, Judith is all smiles. If you ask Judith what’s the best part of having her power chair, she’ll tell you it is being able to chase after her great-grandson without the fear of hurting herself in the process. She can now get around her entire property, and even go find her husband way out in the field and see if he needs help. She has no problems or fear going over tough & grassy terrains anymore, and it’s actually a fun adventure. This 70 year old has got a lot of living to do, and plans on making the most of it with Open-Aire by her side.

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