Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fast And Not So Furious

While Ann Marie Shea and her husband Paul await Handicap Housing, a hotel room in Boston, Massachusetts has become their 'home' during this transitional period. Paul has always been there for Ann Marie, being married for 13 years and having a son has created a special bond that can’t be broken, especially by mobility issues. From their first date, Paul knew Ann was going to be his wife and has cherished her ever since. Twelve years ago, Ann Marie was diagnosed with a muscle disease which left her weak, with progressive numbness in her legs. Ann often found herself falling and having emergency hospital visits due to serious injury. She began using a cane for support, but over time, the walking cane didn’t provide her with enough support. Paul and Ann decided to give a walker a try. It helped for a temporary amount of time, but Ann couldn’t get up stairs, and made walking in the home extremely difficult. Paul and Anne Marie kept searching to find the perfect means of mobility to fit their lifestyle. A wheelchair was their next effort. When the Sheas’ got approved for handicapped housing, it was a huge relief. Maneuvering her wheelchair around in a standard apartment was getting tight. Ann Marie began cooking less, and doing less chores and activities around the house. Paul helped out as much as he can during that time, preparing his 'mean meatloaf' turned into quite a delicious family happening.

One day while watching TV, Ann noticed a power chair commercial that included testimonials. Ann checked to see if a power chair was covered by her insurance, Medicare. It was! They immediately called to get more information, and order that power chair! The delivery of Ann's new power chair made this transitional period in a hotel easier to handle. Now Ann can go do laundry, move about her hotel room, cook in the kitchen, go to the store with Paul, and get back to her previous involvements. She feels more independent and free since she doesn’t have to rely on Paul so much anymore. What are Paul and Ann Marie doing this weekend? They are always up to something. . .this weekend they are going to see their favorite movie, The Fast Five! Check back with Team Mobility to see how the Sheas are doing in their new power chair, and their new house!

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