Monday, April 18, 2011

Head Strong, Head Start

Former Head Secretary for the Department of Agriculture Laboratories in Apache Junction, Arizona, Marilyn Reega knows the land and has a love for geography. She's no stranger to adventure, and views life as a road which deserves to be traveled, discovered and learned about. One of Marilyn's favorite pastimes (and memories) is RV'ing with her grandkids. Each summer they would hit the highways in search of laughter, national parks and good trivia. They have been everywhere including Canada, Montana, Colorado, and pretty much every single state and national park in the West. Marilyn is an avid history buff, and can go toe to toe with the best of them! Most of their RV excursions were more like an episode of Jeopardy, full of trivia and facts. Its hard to fool this savvy brainiac, so don’t even try.

When her Asthma got so bad that her doctor put her on oxygen, she decided to do a little research of her own. Marilyn called her local oxygen supplier (which was referred by her doctor) and asked if they offered any portable units. This seemed logical to Marilyn, since tanks would interfere with her travels and day to day lifestyle. They told her 'No' and that insurance doesn’t cover any such devices. Knowing Marilyn, her superior thought process didn’t see the logic behind this answer, and she did more research. She found Open-Aire, and found that it was in fact covered by her insurance. Nothing is going to stand in the way of her summer RV trips – this time including her great grandkids! Over the past year, Marilyn has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She’s managed to outsmart the cancer and has plans of RV’ing with her family this summer. Marilyn knows nothing about a road less traveled, thanks to her portable, and her strong will.

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