Friday, April 8, 2011

The Southern Gentleman

Ever met someone who genuinely wants to help others? Someone concerned with your well-being, even if they don’t personally know you? Meet Donald Bacon, a Southern Georgia gentleman full of manners and compassion. Donald is empathetic to those who suffer, since he himself experienced a life threatening situation which left him a changed man. Seven years ago Donald ordered a pizza from his local pizzeria, like he had many times before. On this day however, his pizza came with something extra. Donald had accidentally eaten a mushroom. Being highly allergic to the fungus, his body instantly ballooned up, swelling his airway, blocking off oxygen. Managing to get himself to the doctor, his physician questioned how he arrived there. . .Donald had walked. "How?" asked his doctor, claiming a miracle had occurred since Donald was only breathing at 24% capacity (breathing at 80% is considered dangerous).

Donald, known by his doctor as 'the miracle' was immediately put on oxygen, and has been ever since. Donald had tanks everywhere! In his home, his car and in his garage. He couldn’t travel or fly anymore since he needed his tanks, and his days of visiting his hometown to see his parents and siblings soon became a fond memory. Over the years Donald 'the miracle' has been diagnosed with Emphysema, and type 2 diabetes. Each time he visited his doctor (tanks in tote) he was still viewed as the miracle patient he had always been. Despite his health issues, and his life with tanks-Donald still kept a positive outlook on life, in hopes it would get better. During one of his routine trips to the doctor, Donald and Doc discussed the idea of a portable oxygen unit. It’s no miracle that Donald was IN with an Open-Aire portable oxygen concentrator! With his newfound freedom and gratitude, he’s been on a serious mission ever since. A mission to never give up hope, no matter what cards you’ve been dealt. Donald 'the miracle' has overcome too many obstacles in life to give up and surrender to a life of tanks and unfulfilled plans and bucket lists. Like many of our Open-Aire Samaritans, Donald Bacon we salute YOU and your courage, to never give up!

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