Friday, April 22, 2011

No More Rushing For Ella

Ella Grant likes to take her time in life. She appreciates attention to detail, and wont stop until the job is done right. Her work ethic is impeccable, giving 19 years of her youth to a chemical factory, Ella knows dedication and compromise. When her doctor broke the news that she needed to stop working in the chemical factory, Ella was anything but pleased. But her lungs couldn’t take it anymore. They had given all they could, and only had 18% capacity left to give, and by then she was diagnosed with COPD. Ella felt as if she were ‘sentenced’ to tanks. She found herself rushing everywhere, just to be able to breathe. Ella was rushing to shop, rushing to eat and she didn’t like this. All of this rushing around combined with her COPD put Ella in the Hospital. After a stay for recuperation, Ella was still exhausted. She recalls an instant when she had a spiritual awakening and a very clear vision. After this experience Ella felt even more connected to something greater and made a promise to herself. She wanted to live. She wanted to see her great grandchild born and she wanted to spend more time with her supportive husband Ronald. Ella was not ready to give up and four days later she fulfilled her promises. She met her great grandson, Eli, as he was born in that very same hospital. Ella was discharged from the hospital and she refused to go back to tanks.

At her doctor visit, he had told her she is unlike any patient he has ever treated…she was his longest living COPD patient, ever. With her Open-Aire she can go on her life’s mission of enjoyment. No more rushing for Ella. This Easter will be spent with baby Eli who is now 1 year old. They will spend Easter painting Easter eggs, eating candy, and of course reading from the Bible. Ella will take her time baking one of her delicate and delicious baked goods such as; spiced rum cake, Hershey cake, cheese pie or even carrot cake. Maybe one of her sisters will visit her including Dean, where they can gossip until the sun goes down. Or maybe she will get a call from Vanessa, which is daily, and always a pleasure. Whatever Ella does, she will do it with care and love, since there’s no need to rush, and plenty of time to go around.

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