Friday, July 1, 2011

Keep Scootin'

Myrtle Uselton had no idea what to expect when she heard the BOOM that rocked her house in the middle of her sleep. Waking everyone, Myrtle and her family were able to escape the burning house unharmed, before it was charred to the floor boards. A gas line break turned out to be the culprit to this awful Tennessee home mishap. Luckily no one was harmed, most importantly Puppy - Myrtle’s very pampered, Chihuahua mix pup. Myrtle was still in a wheel chair at the time so it made getting out all the more difficult with Puppy in her lap. Somehow, Myrtle pushed through to safety. Now Myrtle is in an apartment with her family awaiting her old home to be rebuilt. In the process of waiting, Myrtle came across our commercial for power chairs on TV and knew that’s just what she needed to move forward in this time of crisis. She called immediately and had one delivered to her apartment, right away. The process was extremely easy for Myrtle. It arrived at her temporary apartment, and she got trained right away on how to operate it. Myrtle and Puppy were set!

They now have the ability to roam the apartment freely without hitting walls or tight corners. Puppy gets even more pet massages, since Myrtle can do it while she’s on the go! Myrtle isn’t necessarily ecstatic about living in the smaller apartment, while her house is being rebuilt. The Open-Aire power chair has helped Myrtle get over her depression, and has been a crucial part of her healing process. Myrtle passes this waiting period as best and enjoyable as she can. Playing hide & go seek with her 3 year old great-grandson, and giving him rides on her power chair (when he’s not trying to ride it himself!) takes up a major portion of her day. She gets to roam her daughters home when she visits, scooting around the house and yard freely on her power chair with her trusty companion Puppy in her lap. When Puppy isn’t in her lap he proudly strides along side of Myrtle’s power chair as they scoot and trot down the avenue together. Myrtle also has the flexibility to get back to her cooking now that she has the power chair. She never has a meal in mind - she just gets in there, scoots around and throws together a nightly masterpiece enjoyed by the whole house! Myrtle definitely feels a great loss in losing her house but she knows that she can make it through, and even enjoy the ride. She does look forward to the day that she can scoot down the halls of her new home - with Puppy in her lap of course, but in the mean time she’s getting a lot of practice on her power chair and hopes to be a pro by then! Keep on Scootin’ Myrtle!

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