Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Better Solution

Don and his wife Rinalee have been down a long road in taking care of Rinalee’s health. Rinalee found spots on her lung and was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. The Forsyth’s had to meet with several doctors and surgeons, get a second opinion and they were in and out of several hospitals. With a malignant tumor, Rinalee had to have a lung removed. The surgery was life saving, Rinalee would not have survived the cancer had it not been removed. But Rinalee was prescribed oxygen and was sent home from the hospital with oxygen tanks. They were big tall bottles and you could not easily transport them. Don saw the Open-Aire commercial and said “that’s the deal”! Two days later they had all the portable and the stationary concentrator.

Rinalee’s daughter said to her Mom, "what do you think about going on a cruise?" It didn’t seem possible, but they booked a Carnival cruise and off they went to Jamaica and Mexico. The cruise line asked them how many oxygen bottles they had but they happily answered "no, we have a portable oxygen concentrator, it runs on batteries and we just plug it in. Don is an ex Navy man of 23 1/2 years, so he understands efficiency. They will tell you that the service is excellent, supplies come fast and that you will never regret getting away from bottles.

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