Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Barbara

Barbara Koffler comes from a big dry cleaning business family that is run today by her sons. She was born and raised in Eastern Pennsylvania. When the local economy suffered from a major strike, they moved the business to South Florida. Barbara is a third generation business woman and is quite savvy. When she was prescribed oxygen she used a local oxygen company that provided her with gas tanks. She describes her 3 foot tank like a gun case. She struggled with the normal limitations of gas, not being able to transport it in her car, not being able to take it on an airplane. One day her girlfriend visited and offered to buy her a new oxygen system. She just couldn’t stand looking at the tanks anymore. Barbara, being the smart business woman that she it, did some research. Although she was happy with the service from the local company, she did want an easier solution. She had been with this local company for five years and was very happy to find out that she qualified for a portable concentrator that would be covered by Medicare. Her existing company told her "No way that Open-Aire can get this for you!" But Barbara was determined to make the switch and to live an easier lifestyle. Sure enough, Open-Aire was as good as their word and they did in fact deliver the portable and stationary concentrator. Barbara says "It's a first class company and it’s hard to find a first class company!" She finds Open-Aire’s service top notch.

Barbara is prepared for hurricane season with a generator for her stationary and a car adapter should she need to charge her portable in her car. She is working on getting stronger and this week she celebrates her birthday with her children including her daughter who will visit her from Chicago. Barbara may even plan to take her portable on a flight to Chicago for a visit. In the meantime, she enjoys her time with her friends at the casino and time with her favorite companion, Casey, the 60lb terrier mix. But don’t let Casey have full run of the house, besides tearing down every vertical blind, Casey is known to mess up the shag rug. So much so that Barbara had to pull up her carpet for wood floors. We love our pets - but we also love our happy customers. Barbara - keep on enjoying your family and we wish you a very happy birthday!

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