Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don To The Rescue

Don Doty lives in a small town outside the big city of Seattle. Don enjoyed being active until a work injury caused him tremendous back problems and pain. Don has a passion for life, and a passion for his pets. Don’s inspiration is his dog Porkey and his cat Baby, who get along like brother and sister. Don found his 3 1/2 pound cat in a blackberry bush along with her litter. He earned her trust enough to take her home and care for her. And let’s not forget Don’s dog Porkey, the Dachshund or wiener dog that is Don’s good buddy.

Don knew he needed some power mobility assistance and researched the web to find out how he can get one. After some thorough research, he contacted Open-Aire Mobility and just days later he had was delivered a chair. But don’t expect be surprised if it is not just Don in his power chair, we hear that Porkey can often be found sitting in it! Don spends time out with his friends in downtime Seattle or sometimes on the Internet. We found his review on the Team Mobility Facebook page and we look forward to more photo’s with Porkey and Baby!

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