Friday, March 11, 2011

Push The Button And GO!

Getting from one end of the house to the other are challenges of the past, and so are most mobility issues for Phoenix native, Diane DeMay.  Being a young woman with Peripheral Neuropathy, doing what used to be the simple things such as laundry, cooking and moving around the house became difficult in a manual wheelchair.  When Diane’s power wheel chair from Open-Aire arrived, she was trained on the spot by the friendly technicians on how to use it, and according to Diana seemed simple enough.   She was off! Diane’s days went from ‘inconvenient’ to ‘bring it on!’  Laundry, cooking, cleaning and other household chores are now daily, and non-stop. 

This month Diane’s occupied with her spring cleaning.  She finds it easy to reach hangers, put clothes away on the top shelf and rearrange the closet right from her chair.  She will be the first to admit, she cant sit still!  Entertaining is also a monthly occurrence at the DeMay household.  Lunch and dinner gatherings are frequent, and fun!  Diane can move from one end of the house to the other, with easy maneuverability.  Moving from carpet to tile is no longer part of her daily list of chores, with her new power chair from Open-Aire there is nothing she can’t do.  “Just push the button and GO!”

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