Monday, March 28, 2011

Candy Apple Red

"I need my freedom!" declared Judith Survis, a spunky redhead from Vancouver Washington. A blood disorder caused her to feel fatigued, and due to her low energy walking from the bedroom to the kitchen was far too much cardio for her body to take. One day while she was resting, she saw on TV an advertisement for a power chair and immediately picked up the phone to ask a few questions. Anyone who knows Judith personally, knows she can’t resist a new conversation, and for all intents and purposes, really only ask a few questions. After about 45 minutes on the phone with representative Carrie, Judith was so excited she immediately ordered her chair. Of course before hanging up the phone, Judith asked Carrie one last question, 'does it come in candy apple red?' Judith was in luck! When her new power chair from arrived, Judith immediately fell in love with the candy apple red paint, as she always dreamt of having a car in this color. The technician who delivered the chair was knowledgeable and knew all the answers to Judith's many questions.

She said her life has completely transformed from prisoner to get er' done. Judith comfortably sits in her chair for hours at a time either watching TV, cleaning, chasing her cute husband Thomas around the house, or cooking one of her signature dishes ranging from pot roast to crock pot delicacies. Whenever her Chihuahua Buddy hears her get in her chair, he jumps into her lap, ready to get paraded around the house in her candy apple power chair. These days you can read Judith blogging about her experience on many different mobility sites, blogging about the day to days of mobility, introducing new products, and sharing relevant articles. Judith even created a community which uplifts others by giving hope and strength through sharing her personal experiences and stories. I am sure we will hear more from the vivacious redhead in the Candy Apple power chair!

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