Friday, November 4, 2011

Jumping Into Action

Melinda Rosebery of Tonkawa, Oklahoma has been an oxygen patient for 15 years. Over the years she got tired of living her life tethered to an oxygen bottle and all the hassles that came along with it. But a year ago she switched to an EverGo/EverFlo bundle to solve her portable and at-home needs. Now she was finally able to travel all over Oklahoma. She just picks up her portable oxygen concentrator, plugs it in, and enjoys the ride.

A few weeks ago Melinda had a problem though. A beeping noise started going off on her concentrator, indicating a problem with the unit. It seemed to be working properly, but clearly something was wrong so she picked up her phone and called Open-Aire‘s customer service team for troubleshooting. After the problem was identified, Open-Aire specialists realized she needed a new oxygen concentrator and jumped into action. Melinda wasn’t worried though, “I had my equipment there the next day. That makes me feel so very comfortable.” Just like that, Melinda had her new oxygen concentrator and she never missed a step. Just as importantly, Melinda learned exactly how fast Open-Aire’s customer service works, and knows that it’s one less thing to worry about regarding her oxygen.

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