Monday, November 28, 2011

Jeanne’s Class Reunion

Recently we received a letter from an Open-Aire customer, Ms. Jeanne Murphy. We liked Jeanne’s story so much that we asked her if we could share it with everyone on our blog. She happily agreed, and without further adieu here is her story:

This past winter I learned that my class reunion was being held at the end of May. It was a big one. Number 60! And I had not been able to go for about 25 years. I graduated from Emporia High in Kansas and now live in Michigan. Quite a distance from here to there. I knew that to go back it would mean making arrangements for many oxygen tanks, and I dreaded the thought. I had decided not to make the trip because of the hassle, and then I saw an ad on TV for a new (to me) oxygen system that looked like it might be an answer to my prayer. I called and talked to a representative who took the time to explain what it was about and what I needed to do. It was such a simple process – fax a script from the doctor and the machine would be sent to me. I thank God every day for this equipment. I was able to attend my reunion and make contacts with old friends. My daughter drove me and we were gone a week. I had absolutely no problems at all with the portable system.

A footnote to all of this is that I had gone to church several months earlier for a prayer healing. Although my lungs were not healed, God did the next best thing and provided me with an oxygen system that makes my life so much better. Thank you Open-Aire and God.

-Jeanne Murphy-

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