Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Traveling Grandmother, Mom and Sister

Betty V. of Spearfish, ND has been with Open-Aire for over four years and in that time she's experienced many of the conveniences that come with a portable oxygen concentrator. She doesn't have to schedule tank deliveries and she doesn’t worry about running out of oxygen. Her favorite thing is just being able to get up and go!

"I'm very pleased with my portable oxygen concentrator.  I have more freedom than before. I can get out and go. I don't just have to stay indoors all of the time," says Betty.  She loves spending time in the outdoors. If it’s not too warm or too cold she’ll go for a walk or a drive. She says, "I like to get in my car and go riding with my sister. Other times I go driving through the Black Hills by myself."

Her portable oxygen concentrator has made traveling much easier than with tanks. She just plugs it into her car's outlet, and she can stay out as long as she'd like. Aside from car trips, Betty’s portable oxygen concentrator also lets her fly without any hassle. Not long ago she flew to Colorado to see her daughter and granddaughter. 

Later this year she is planning a big trip with her sister. The two of them are planning to make a six hour drive to Wyoming to visit their brother. "We always stop while we cross the Big Horn Mountains and take in the views and the natural beauty." We hope to hear back from her and maybe she'll share some pictures of those mountain views.

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