Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winning Over Her Doctor

In early 2011 Barbara Lott of Baton Rouge, LA was getting very frustrated with her oxygen tanks. Even though she primarily used them at night, she was too nervous to travel anywhere far from home. She was unable to visit friends, family, and even her son who only lives a few hours north. Then one day she saw a commercial for Open-Aire and decided that a portable oxygen concentrator could be the answer to her problems.

At first her doctor was hesitant to give her a new prescription. Her doctor wasn’t familiar with portable oxygen concentrators and didn’t know if it would be right for Barbara’s needs. But Barbara was insistent. She provided paperwork and information from Open-Aire, and eventually the doctor was convinced to give the portable oxygen concentrator a try. After a few months of seeing how well it performed for Barbara, she became a believer. “Now my doctor recommends it to all of her patients who don’t want to sit at home with their tanks,” says Barbara. And Barbara isn’t sitting at home with her tanks anymore either. She’s able to go where she likes, and is making plans to visit her son again very soon.


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